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My Love Affair with a Slow Cooker

January 7, 2011

This winter I find myself wanting to eat soup all the time.

Maybe it’s the cold outside, or the simple ease of having everything you need for a meal in a pot or bowl, but there is something about soup and stew in the winter that makes me very happy. Typically, I use a Le Creuset dutch oven to cook soups in, but I have recently rediscovered my slow cooker and a deep and meaningful love relationship has blossomed.

The joy of dumping ingredients in at 8 in the morning and returning at 6 p.m. to a delicious healthy soup or stew is indescribable…

You may choose a fancier brand, but I use the good old Crock Pot, and it does a great job. Found at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, the price point is great and it works like a pro.

Some go-to recipes for winter meals using my slow cooker:

Minestrone with Chicken Meatballs | Chicken Cacciatore | Butternut Squash and Apple Soup | Split Pea with Ham Soup | Spanish Chicken Stew | Smoky Beef Chili with Tortilla Crust

I Won’t Leave You Hanging

January 6, 2011

A One Minute Lesson on Choosing and/or Hanging a Chandelier

1. Always 30 inches above your table.
2. Too big is Statement; too small is wimpy (thanks Jim T.).
3. When in doubt, go for vintage; a good lighting repair shop can rewire and refurbish.
4. Don’t be afraid to mix fancy with casual or old with new; the beauty is in the mix.
5. Hang things in unexpected places; chandelier in a kitchen, office, powder room or bathroom.

When in Doubt, Order Chinese….

January 5, 2011

Anyone who knows my style knows I am obsessed and in love with Asian-inspired design pieces. I have heard many times from clients, “Don’t you think it’s too much Asian?”—my answer is always an emphatic, “no!”.

Why is this? My feeling is that Asian inspired pieces transition perfectly from traditional to modern to transitional to eclectic design concepts. They are timeless, classic, graphic, textural and global. The perfect addition to any design scheme.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Back to the list: anything Chinese Chippendale style
2. Grass cloth Wallpaper
3. Chinese Porcelain/Ginger Jars as Centerpieces
4. Bamboo, Bamboo, Bamboo… and also faux bamboo
5. Altar Tables/Chinese Case Goods

Raindrops on Roses…

January 4, 2011

What better way to get to know me? See some of my favorite things.
Katie’s Top Ten (thirty five) favorite things not in order of relevance, except number one:

1. My Husband and Kids/Family (that’s a bit more complicated, but okay I’ll go with it)
2. Apricot toy poodles if they have a cute face

4. Well wallpapered rooms

5. Nachos Grande (with jalapenos) or really anything with melted cheese

7. Trader Joes

8. “Bloomingdale’s plain frozen yogurt”

10. A good laugh/funny people/my kids’ laughs

11. Country music
12. Traditions
13. Soup making
14. Actually watching the weather channel
15. Reality TV—the worse the better
16. Happy babies
17. When a sales person at Neiman’s calls me about a sale before it happens
18. My bed
19. Good face and eye cream
20. Doing something sweet for someone else—even a stranger
21. The way I feel after a great hot yoga class
22. Making beds and “swiffering” floors before I leave early in the morning
23. Cooking a delicious meal for my family
24. Holidays where people don’t get into any fights

26. Abstract art mixed with eclectic or even traditional furnishings

27. Overly fancy frames on abstract/contemporary art
28. Good surprises
29. A clean and organized garage
30. The perfect pair of jeans
31. Good ballet flats

33. Etsy, Ebay and first dibs

35. The mix of fine furniture and flea market

An Idea Is Born…

January 3, 2011

Starting this blog has been a long standing goal and labor of love for me. Problem was, I could not seem to figure out exactly what I could bring to the table: what could I share with an audience that is relevant, inspiring, funny or useful in any way. If I couldn’t address that basic need, there was no blog. At least not one I was going to put my stamp on.

As I was vaccuming at 8:00 this morning, before my hot yoga class the concept of Bogle Street hit me. Well, actually, I must admit that while I was vacuuming, my poodle was watching PBS (more on that later) and Sesame Street happened to be on.

What if I could create an online “neighborhood” with real life adult characters who visited, each bringing their own special and unique talents and sensibilities, and we formed a sort of online blog-o-hood with familiar friendly faces who entertained, educated and comforted an audience, just like Big Bird, Kermit and even Oscar the Grouch did for us when we were little.

Now that was something I would tune into. And it was born: Bogle Street….

What is this? Who is this? And Why??? This is me. Just how I am. Interested. A bit nutty. Neurotic. Passionate, driven and sensitive. I get into a mess many times, and get myself out, most times. Type A to the Nth degree. Fan of bad reality TV, cooking, fashion, design, the small things in life and having fun. Fan of good people and good times.

My role on Bogle street is a bit complicated. I aim to represent one of those actual live city people on the set of Sesame Street sometimes, steering the audience to what’s happening or coming next, “interviewing” guests, or helping dissect and issue or subject into it’s most relevant or interesting parts. Part host, part MC, participant and always there to comment or collaborate.

I could also see myself as Oscar the Grouch, but we won’t get into that just yet. But, first let me introduce you to the rest of the Bogle Street cast…

coming soon: Bogle Street….