This post may not resonate with some traditionalists. The return of “Mad Men” has me in a mid century kinda mood. As such, I have been considering how and where I could incorporate a metal wall sculpture a’la C. Jere in my home. Back when I lived in a mid century home in LA, I considered investing in one, and we moved before I got to that level of detail. Thanks, a lot, Doug…

Even though my house now is classic New England architecturally speaking, I see no reason why something like this can’t be displayed on a large wall, and I am thinking in my stairway. I love how these pieces combine metal, art and nature; and I love the 3D appeal. I especially like the way they look like wall jewelry. All the rage in the 60’s, bronze and metal sculptures are looking fresh again. And I love the notion of hanging one in a non-mid century setting.

The ultimate is to invest in a signed piece, but if the price prohibits, find a vintage “copy” “in the style of C.Jere'” and be thrilled. Would you dare?

10 thoughts on “DEAR JERE

  1. An Urban Cottage

    Very Roop-ey. I was thinking of one over my bed on some grasscloth..

    The vertical trees also have a classic New England vibe so might be nice for a more traditional house.

  2. Dianne

    Even though these are very modern, I think they would look great in a traditional setting. Especially those trees!

  3. Lindsey

    Did you catch the premier?? I love Mad Men and have since had a total crush on anything mid century modern. These pieces are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. kim

    these are great~~
    i have seen free standing sculptures but never any c. jere wall art. it is so beautiful!

  5. Elizabeth

    I love C. Jere! great post I never connected this look to Mad Men which i luv. I have a new found appreciation for that era since watching the show..

  6. Melissa

    I just bought a C. Jere this weekend at an Estate sale. It’s huge sailboat wall hanging- I loved it, but came home and found it for sale on One King’s Lane for $1900, marked down to $1100. Now I have to figure out if I am going to keep this or sell it!

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