I go on and on about the virtues of Kilims and flat weave rugs. I go on about rugs in general. I love swapping them out seasonally and switching things up when the weather changes. I love how they bring instant summer to a room. I love how they can be saturated in bright color. I love how they are so casual and practical and affordable.

Well, I wrote about a new rug source last week (located in LA) and now I will introduce you to my new favorite East Coast purveyor of amazingly chic rugs, Custom Cool out of Long Island, NY. I forget how I came across these women, but they just opened doors 6 months ago, just in time for the chic-set to high-tail it out to the Hamptons.

I am certain this place is going to get all kinds of press and be the design darling newcomer of the summer, so read about it first here…They will be everywhere from Nantucket to Encino… Have you likely seen cooler rugs, to coin a phrase. In wool or cotton, they will literally create your dream kilim or soumak rug from color poms of your choice. For those in search of more immediate gratification, they carry several in-stock options.

Give Eliza, the friendliest dealer (and shop owner around) a call, she can talk you through the process. It’s as easy as a summer breeze. Long distance or local, you can own a custom cool rug. They are sure to be weavers to the stars…

10 comments in “DREAM WEAVERS

  1. Pam

    If i only saw their logo i would think they were a fridge company.those are amazingly gorgeous patterns i love that pink ikat. i will contact them but any idea on pricing? they are so great.

  2. Dianne

    A breath of *fresh air*~~ I don’t even care much for the custom aspect, these rugs are so beautiful. Never have I been able to log on to a rug site and truly want each and every one I see. This could turn into a problem :)

  3. Julie N.

    Hi Katie, Do you think flat weaves are a good choice or young families? I always worry that the rugs are going to bunch up or will be difficult to vacuum…

  4. Stephanie

    I love these! I could use that yellow criss cross in my baby nursery. We aren’t finding out the sex of the baby and I am doing it up in yellows with naturals and white.

  5. Eliza Gatfield

    I love your observation about our logo! I started this company by designing custom refrigerators – very retro modern – with temperature gauges on the face of the fridge. The name was perfect. Too long of a story for me to explain how I switched from designing refrigerators to textiles (suffice it to say I’ve degrees in architecture, fine arts and textiles – my design interests are varied to say the least!) the name was just too good to give up. The custom part fit our customization of textiles – the optimal temperature part – 40 degrees – was a good symbol for optimal ‘cool’ design. So we just kept the name and switched the product!

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