I don’t know what it is with the Dragon business in design. I suppose it’s an ancient theme, especially in Chinoiserie, that never gets tired. What does, however get tired is Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon. I do LOVE it, and I have used it many, many times (in my own home included), but right now I am feeling like, “enough already…” I need a break from it, I suppose.

Enter the Dragons… I am a huge fan of Jim Thompson textiles, for their retro, Asian and 60’s hippy-chic vibe.

Staying true to Thompson’s own aesthetic, (he was a famous expatriated designer who lived in Thailand creating a fashionable textile business until an accident took his life), most of the fabrics are light, linen and have a great painterly quality to them; in fact they feel and look like art to me.

My client who was considering the Suzanne Kasler Paisley vs. the Chaing Mai in Aquamarine agrees. I sent her a memo of this JT dragon fabric to consider before pulling the trigger on the Chiang Mai (clearly, the dragon won that war…) and she went as nuts when she saw it! With this path, we can stick with many of the already chosen textiles for her family room, and of course the furnishings and rug. So, I guess you could say this new Dragon now has a home.

10 thoughts on “DRAGON-ON

  1. Lisa

    What a great find! I do love the change Mai, and I also loved that paisley. This is a good one too. You are right i am seeing dragons everywhere..

  2. marilee

    How cute! I agree the dragon thing is sooo on trend right now. The same way ballet flats and a cardigan sweater are. Whats old is new. Timeless is in. Chinoiserie will never go out of style.

  3. Kathleen DiPaolo

    OK- I LOVE Jim Thompson! I love this!! I went to Thailand with my sister and visited his house, outlets and shops! I (we!) dragged some GORGEOUS fabrics through the streets of Bankok, on the overly crowded subway stopping to breath and get feeling in our hands near the street food vendors. I have since had my king size bed made with the fabric, a stunning bedskirt and the most amazing roman shades. It looks great with the Quadrille Bangalore Paisley wallpaper. Yum!

  4. andrea

    I love jim thompson too! One of my favorites. On your last dragon blog I was gonna ask if u had heard of him?

  5. Janet

    I need to learn more about this fellow. The fabric looks to be a great alternative to chang mai… Not that I don’t love it, but it’s too saturated in design blogs and designer portfolios.

  6. Ann T.

    I love the Jim Thompson dragon fabric. Call me crazy, but it the dragon almost looks as if he has been painted with the Kasler paisley. I could really see a room with this fabric on the drapes, and the paisley on the chairs, or even just a couple of pillows. What a great find!

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