Do you have a fireplace that never gets used? Is it ugly inside, chipping or smoke-stained and you can’t stand to look at it anymore? Stick a plant inside it.

Better yet, stick a lush plant like a Fern inside a rustic basket inside the fireplace. Or a succulent planted inside a cement statuary inside the opening. Why the hell not? Sound a bit crazy? Not so! It can instantly add a pop of lush green to the empty cavern and create a cozy, visual element. As long as it gets indirect light and is watered it will survive and thrive. Don’t knock it until you try it:

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  1. michelle

    Great minds think alike! I put a sansevaria in a rustic pot in my fireplacr. Ferns or succulents would be prettier but my fireplace is in the darkest room of the house so it is not very practical. For a party i might bring the nicer plants, even something flowering.

  2. CAty

    I love refreshing my home with green for spring and summer. The most underrated home accessory IMO

  3. Liz

    Succulents need very bright light when inside! Not sure a fireplace would be the best unless you move it there temporarily or go fake..

  4. Lori

    I am going to try this this weekend at daughter’s grad party. I always feel like the fireplace is a dead zone in warm weather months. I have tried candles, logs, and some silly sculpture. I also do not have enough light for a permanent plant but this is the perfect way to dress it up when I have company over. Thank you Katie!

  5. Leslie

    Hi Katie, I have a big fern in my fireplace. Love the look! Wondering what your thoughts are on painting the fireplace surround. We have brick and it’s not my favorite. I’ve seen brick painted black quite often but we have no black in our family room — just blues, whites and camel/golds. Trying to decide if I can pull off painting the brick white without looking too beachy. We do live in Hingham but still not sure if I want that look. Thanks!
    PS Love your blog and work!

  6. Ashley

    Ferns are so lovely and organic…and I wish I had both enough light and an unused fireplace to replicate these looks!

  7. Monica

    Such a good idea! I never use my fireplace because the chimney needs to be repaired. What do you think about those styled photos with fireplaces packed to the brim with logs?

  8. Holly

    I love the idea! I had a non functioning fireplace in my old apartment in Philadelphia and I should have done this there. It was a pretty fireplace too.

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