Just when I thought we were over the winter a cold snap is set to arrive in time for the weekend. Temps are supposed to plummet to the 20’s; it’s not quite time to pack my wools away as I had hoped. Cold weather makes me think of fur throws, sheepskin and my personal favorite, flokati rugs, a type of hand woven wool shag carpet that after woven, is supposedly placed in cold river water to fluff the shag.

Originally from Greece, these rugs can be found at many price points, having to do with the quality of the wool and weave. A flokati instantly modernizes a room, gives it a free-spirited vibe and creates a coziness, similar to a Moroccan or a sheepskin, but a bit “hairy-er” to put it plainly.

In fact, I often place Trudie on my Flokati and try to see if she shows up as a means of ridiculous entertainment for myself and the girls. Place your flokati casually in any environment. In a bedroom, under a coffee table, in a kid’s room or play space—perhaps not the best in the kitchen or around food and water, but any place else.

They are also great as a layering piece. Over a sisal, seagrass or any other rug, on a sofa or a bench. Use them liberally. Although, preferably not on your car seats; that could be a little scary… Cleaning these is a bit of a drag. I take mine outside and give it a good hard shake, but supposedly you can put smaller ones in the washing machine on delicate and spray larger ones with water. Here’s the kicker, a dog brush is recommended as well!

1. Timothy Whealon 2. Kelly Wearstler 3. Decorpad 4. Sally Henderson 5. Furbish Studio 6. Lonny Mag

7 thoughts on “HAIRY MATTERS AFOOT

  1. Linda Ray

    Aww how adorable! We do that with my bichon all the time. I love these rugs, especially in a bedroom. There is something very sensual about them!

  2. Nancy

    Love your dog in the decor! My fuzz ball sits behind me in my chair all day long, so that last picture kills me! Flokatis seem to never go out of style!

    P.S. Our first giveaway is today!

  3. Olivia

    I am so in love with all of these pictures. A flokati makes the room look so ethereal. Great tips, I did not think to put it ON TOP of my sisal. That sounds sooo cozy.

  4. Kathy @livethefinelife

    She’s such a cutie! I hope this isn’t tempting fate. I recall the hilarious, yet unfortunate, legend of Trudie and a different rug. Maybe the flokati reminds her of her mother enough that she won’t repeat the previous offense!

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