Instant Beach Bedroom

This week has me dreaming up my bedroom at my imaginary beach house. The requisite retro elements Cole & Son Wallpaper, natural fiber bed, white lacquer, batik jolts and pops of color are all covered.

The questions is: where is it going to be? Hmmm….

1. Southhampton Chandelier 2. Sunburst Mirror 3. Cole & Son Palm Leaves 66/2010 4. Ceylon Lamp 5. Side Table 6. Sorrento Bed 7. Chevron Bedding 8. Batik Prints 9. Green Zig Zag Rug

One thought on “Instant Beach Bedroom

  1. Mel@Georgica Pond

    This is perfection – the ideal beachy, coastal holiday bedroom – love all the elements, colours, textures, patterns, furnishings etc – gorgeous choices and so nicely put together. I’m inspired.

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