Feeling bored with a neutral palette but too scared to commit? Want the freedom of an all white or creamy backdrop but itching for a bit of zest? I get it.

In fact, I have this fear with my wardrobe, which consists of mainly solids in navy, browns, grays, ivory and black. Somehow, I simply can not get myself to wear color on my body. Every time I put it on, I take it off and revert back to my comfort zone.

My solution to this, and something that can easily be applied to the home, is the idea of small but powerful color pops. This allows me to have a slice of fun, but not be swathed in it. In my wardrobe, it usually takes the form of a bright shoe or a piece of costume jewelry in a bold color. Even a crazy shade of nail polish can do it for me. So, how can you achieve this in your home without too much effort? Easy, here’s how:

A picture says it all: the yellow stools (which, by the warm can be swapped out for anything else easily and affordably).

via Real Living Australia

A sliver of a leading edge on the drapery and small fuschia pillows hint at color without overdoing it..

via Atlanta Homes Magazine

The french blue lantern is all you need in here.

via Fieldborg

Same story here, but in red.

via Tommy Smythe

Tired of yellow, swap it out for green, blue or purple.

via Pinterest

Same theme, different room, and switch out the yellow for the pink and orange.

via BHG

What a difference an orange towel makes. Imagine it blue or acid yellow.

via Apartment Therapy

8 thoughts on “JUST ADD COLOR

  1. Kim

    Dear Katie,
    Thanks for deconstructing the pictures because you make it seem so easy!


  2. Lauren

    I am the same way with my wardrobe. Nail polish is the only way I get out of my comfort zone. Too funny that grays and neutrals are IN!

  3. An Urban Cottage

    This is now the main goal in my life. To get my house entirely white and brown so I can totally redecorate with just Chiang Mai pillows in four different colorways. One for each season.

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