Okay, yes, the Tulip table is overused and somewhat ubiquitous, although I love it and for me it will always be a timeless classic… But what about other mid century icons less well known; you might consider a piece or two of these to add into an eclectic mix with a less expected feel.

I have always loved the Platner Table, Bertoia Chair, Mies van der Rohe anything and various and sundry Knoll pieces. More classic but less popular 20th Century design items that can be incorporated into ANY setting forever. You may think your room must be modern to use such pieces. Nope. Well, that is, not if you like the mixed-up look that I am so enamored of. Using these, if you are a traditionalist, may be a leap of faith, but a leap in a good direction.

1. Apartment Therapy 2. Decor8 3. House an Home 4. Knoll 5. Nuevo Estilo 6.Barbara Bank 7. Kim Fiscus


  1. Terri

    Just got my bhg last night.
    I nearly lept out of my seat! :) congratulations your home and family are beautiful

  2. KAthy

    i am always inspired by your mix and match ideas. The Bertoia is my favorite look and I have always loved it more than the tulip. It is less saturated in the market and I like that

  3. Allison

    Love this look. I am not well versed in Knoll, I believe it might be out of price range a little bit..? but I see it everywhere. Great photos, that boys desk is just so cute. When my little guy is old enough to have a desk, I can see myself attempting this look.

  4. Peter

    I have always had a love/hate relationship with the brno chairs. Here they are gorg, but it takes a true talent in design to make them shine!

  5. katie rosenfeld

    Don’t be afraid of the Brno. They look amazing around a dining room table. A farm table, a glass table or anything that isn’t too too decorated and tradish. They look fabulous covered in an unexpected fabric like a print.

  6. katie rosenfeld

    Steve, I categorically disagree about the Brno-no.

    They are a Brno-yes!

    And I too am a huge Mies fan. The Barcelona coffee table was one of first big girl purchases, and I still have it in my living room.

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