Well, Mom had a mini hissy-fit when she read my last post.

I told you putting yourself out there in social media was a risk —

I kind of worried she might; it could have gone either way. You never
know which way the wind blows with her.

I was being brutally honest, but I adore my nutty mother, and I said
what I said with love and affection. She is the best mom I could ask for.

As a mother, I know how the mother-daughter thing goes….it’s so complicated.

Truth is, I owe most of my creative skills to her, along with a
penchant for getting into crazy trouble and having absurd things happen to
me on a daily basis a’ la “Larry David”.

Growing up she was a bit of a hippie, a bit fancy, a walking
contradiction—very creative, free spirited, opinionated (and beautiful) and

cool–but always a barrel of laughs—and to this day, she remains my
best friend. By the way, she still is beautiful…

She is most certainly my creative muse, talented beyond her own awareness,

and I am being forced against my will to proclaim—as a consolation
for yesterdays post—that I owe all of my success to her and her
influence. She is also forcing me to tell you that she is not mean…

Fact is, it’s largely true.

Mom has been a sometime critic, as mothers are— but she is also my biggest cheerleader.

We live far apart and I miss her.

That is, until 2 days after a visit, when we both want to throw each
other into Tampa Bay with a brick tied to the ankle….

Ma, here’s to you. Love, honesty, respect and props, always-

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