1. Dara 2.Nanjing 3. Tail Lights

This post is a silly but friendly tribute to two of my favorite men in my Boston design posse: Timothy and Steve, both whom are taken with the idea of using designer textiles as summer clothing. For Timothy, it’s all about those floral pants. I will never forget that fateful day I met him in the Boston Design Center– he was wearing trousers sewn out of a wild floral Schumacher print. I knew we’d be friends right then and there.

Now Steve, my new twitter friend, DIY expert, taste-maker and fellow reality TV afficanado, suggests making a Mao Jacket out of Manuel Canovas’ Dara… A lady can only take so much, guys!

16 thoughts on “MAO NOW!

  1. CourtneyOutLoud

    I can’t help but think “Hurry up, Laugh In is coming on and I love me some Roland Martin…” Kitschy and fun, but I am not 100% sold on them. However, I would wear the first print in some fun pants – so I am down with that.

  2. sophia

    These are adorbs. Id wear the nanjing over a pair of white jeans in a heartbeat. Its flamboyantly awesome. Do i even want to know where you found a photo of designer textile mao jackets??

  3. Katie

    Okay, folks, these jackets are a digital creation; they are not real and I am not making or sellung them. This was a crazy and fun idea that obviously has some legs, hence the 20 some odd inquiries I have received!
    Buy the fabric and high tail it to a tailor!

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