I don’t know about you, but lately I feel tapped out, and design-wise, dare I say, a bit bored. Seeing the same old same old and needing a something exciting to slap me in the face. I think it’s a sign of the times– people at the Boston Design Center tell me that sales and foot traffic is way down, my projects, while still active, are moving slower than I anticipated, and I wonder if everyone is just feeling the same way? Maybe it’s time for a bit of re-invention or just a gutsy piece to wake me up.

Although retail ain’t always a bargain, it is nice to see something you like, feel good about the price, point and click and wait for it to arrive. Even better knowing if you hate it, you can load it in your car and dump it back in any Neiman Marcus customer service office… It’s been some time since I have surfed around home decor giant and sister of Neiman Marcus, Horchow. And I am always surprised when I do…

Truthfully, these items do not qualify as “cheap”, but they are important statement pieces that, for the price tag and convenience, could pack a big fat punch. Each one, in my opinion adds something really special and is splurge-worthy. I am tempted by each of these items, are you?

Far from a bargain, but more unusual than anything I have come across lately: But the chairs and mix with a basic teak table:

For a punch of color, mix these with whatever you already have:

This may surprise you, but I love the idea of this bench at the end of a very simple bed with tailored accents: almost 80’s Laura Ashley-esque, but maybe that’s why it intrigues me:

Have a neutral interior that needs a bold surprise? Mix this with ANY color, green, blue, pink, orange, you name it:

Someone may kill me for this, (Sorry!) but I really LOVE the Danish Modern thing happening here. These would really work if you are trying to bring a bit of mid century into your mix:

Love everything here: wing, wicker, tall back, all of it: Use them as host and hostess chairs at the beach or just as a single statement in a bedroom:


  1. Sarah

    Hi Katie,

    Feeling the same way here to so thank you for putting “pen to paper” so I know I’m not alone! Great pics.. especially those red tables. Enjoy your day!!


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