I almost never purchase things One King’s Lane. For new items, why would I? I get better prices on certain merchandise as a designer with net pricing, truth be told. But the Tastemaker Sales do tempt me. Problem for me is the thrill of the hunt is part of the fun; I like to noodle around shops and touch things in real life. But I do visit OKL often… who doesn’t? Here’s what ideas cropped up when I went this morning:

I would snag these and hang them en masse in a teen’s room or a lady office:

If you are serious about curating your bookshelf space and want that super clean look, you may spring for some of these to add to your collection:

I really love this pillow. Like art, but not on the wall:

Coming from The White House designer, it looks like my post may have been on trend:

I collect vintage majolica and this is a decent price:

I’m going to email Mom about this one; looks like her:

9 thoughts on “IDEAS, IDEAS…

  1. An Urban Cottage

    Those sales are dangerous! You’ve got to go through the merch in a frenzy and put stuff in your cart before someone else snags it. There’s often no time to come to your senses. And as a result, I’m the proud owner of Mary McDonald’s leopard curtains!

  2. Lee

    I am a big vintage majolica collector too. U R right the thrill of finding a great piece in an antique shop is the best. I only purchase from OKL when I have a very specific item in mind to fit in a very particular space.

  3. donna

    I learned the hard way, (twice) NOT to buy pillows of any sort unless I have already seen the fabric in person. Colors on screen are very different in person, as is texture. Usually there is no return as well. However, when the clock strikes 11:00 and I am near my computer, I’m on it.

  4. Jackie

    Ok bookshelf styling is the bane of my existence. I have a great collection of reading material but it never looks nice when put all together. Too many horribly designed bookcovers from the 80s… These yellow numbers are so cute. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to wrap real books in pretty jackets. I’d hate to buy a book just because it looked nice and you couldnt read it!

  5. Ann T.

    When I first looked at the Kevin O’Brien assortment on OKL, I scrolled right past the finger paint pillow. However, I liked it very much when you singled it out. It is just what I didn’t know I needed to finish the cushion collection on my banquette. Thank you for the inspiration.

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