I came across this image today while surfing Pinterest and was immediately drawn to it’s utter simple perfectness. Simple Regency Dining Table, plain Frenchy style chairs upholstered in timeless Brunschwig animal print cotton, solid drapery and valances. There is no rug, chinese red old sideboard, and what appears to be either a vintage or Nierman Weeks Empire style chandelier with sparkly vintage sconces.

Bryan Batt

Each piece in and of itself is pretty, classic and beautiful. Not complicated whatsoever. The room is not overdone. It is also not necessarily innovative. But, not every space has to be a breakthrough. It can just be plain pretty. The fact that there is no rug may attribute to why there is a certain casual vibe in such a formal setting. Or maybe it’s the fresh print on the formal chairs. Could be the crusty beat up Ming sideboard paired with the European classics.

Maybe it’s all of these things. It’s certainly not rocket science or out of the box, it’s just done well and with the right amount of restraint. Simple = Classic.

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