With Memorial Day practically around the corner, some of you may be feeling the summer decorating bug. If this is the case, either strap yourself to your chair and tie your arms down for long periods of time or consider some of these one-of-a-kind hand made items from the House of Funky Retail, Anthropologie. This place definitely has a look, but as a designer, I am more inclined to incorporate small doses of their wares into an overall scheme, rather than trying to re- create their signature “look”. Have fun and/or be safe…

I am loving the wooden chain link and woven bulb insert happening here and could see this in a beachy kitchen:

A modernist style bird house made from salvaged wood? Cool:

There is something float-mongolian lamb-esque going on here and I like it:

This could really make a summer statement in any room:

I saw this as whimsical take on classic Stafforshire dogs, they call it African folk art: this is pricey but it’s real art:

Lighten up: throw down a turquoise dhurrie:

7 thoughts on “PRETTY CRAFTY

  1. Beth

    I love Anthropologie, but their prices always seem to be just so outrageous. Is this just me? Am I paying for good quality?

  2. diane

    Agree that Anthropologie is so expensive and not sure why but love their hand crafted items. That little dog is so whimsical and fun!

  3. Leslie

    I love anthro for one-off finds.. if the price is right. For example the dalmatian is adorbs and truly artisinal. The downside to anthro is products like the birdhouse. A great idea… very hip… and overpriced. I can’t pay for the cool factor. Give me unique quality and I’m sold…

    xoxo les

  4. J. Madigan

    I agree with Leslie. I can get lost in the well-merchandised wonder that is Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. I just need to be reeeeally careful not to buy something that

    1. I do not need/do not have a place for
    2. Does not have longevity in my home
    3. Is not worth the price.

    There are plenty of great things there and they do a phenomenal job curating beautiful wares, but it’s easy to overspend on unimportant items in my opinion :) :)

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