The porch… Anyone who has one is such a lucky guy or gal. Such an under-rated bonus space to lounge, entertain and live. Growing up, my mom always had an outdoor living room, even when it was not a common thing to do, she constructed a custom awning and literally furnished it as nicely as our living room, but added amazing potted arrangements and moody lighting. If I am not mistaken, she even rotated sisal and kilim rugs out there (crazy, yes), but she is crazy, so it made perfect sense.

We LIVED out there, and when people came to visit, that is where we went. We didn’t have a porch so she created one. Granted, that was Florida. In the 70′s and 80′s, it was COOL. My aunt had a full length screened porch with a living area and a dining area and wet bar complete with gorgeous herringbone laid brick floors. She entertained a ton, and it was the perfect party set up.

In any case, the porch and/outdoor room has become a more desirable and common space, and nowadays there is a bevy of options for amazing outdoor furnishings, damp rated lighting, even outdoor rugs. I will save some time and content on the details, but take a peek at some of the porches that inspired me today. If you have a porch and have not considered making the most of it, now’s the time!

1. All About Vignettes 2.Southern Living 3.Nancy Pearson via Traditional Home 4. Paige & Walton via Cottage Living 5.Johnny Valiant 6. Amanda Nisbet 7.Phoebe Howard 8. Elizabeth Elsey via Atlanta Homes 9.Canadian House and Home

11 comments in “LAAZY DAYS

  1. Kelly

    I love me a good porch. Our old house had a beautiful screen-in. This time around I sacrificed for a 2 car garage! Beats cleaning snow but I sure do miss it when the weather is so beautiful…

  2. Pam

    My sun room over the years has become a dump for old and mismatched furniture that we don’t use in the house. That has morphed into a cozy eclectic space and our favorite room!

  3. Liv

    The best parties we have are on our screened-in porch. I recently bought a damp rated fixture to hang overhead, but it got soaked in a rainstorm. Since then I am nervous to invest any money in expensive items for the porch that are not fully waterproof… other than your perennial fabrics, any suggestions?

  4. Jane

    I love my porch! UR so right they are completely underrated, especially in new england. we try to keep ours open 3/4 seasons. in the warm months it actually replaces our family room…

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