The Bold and The Beautiful

Ok, the last word on Atlanta and my “pink lady”—the refined Living room scheme, which, by the way, will have leaded glass windows, an original walnut mantel, an unexpected dose of modernity in the form of a sparkly chandelier, and informal layer of my beloved chunky sisal under-foot.  Plus,  all sorts of rich plum, purple, magenta, fuchsia, mustard, persimmon and…well, what more do you need????

I am so pleased with how bold and rich this textile scheme came out that I am secretly planning a bi-annual boondoggle to Atlanta just to visit the room, “my baby”—and love it up.  I don’t mean to sound self aggrandizing, some of you may detest this amount of color and pattern, but as in any creative endeavor, it is like “giving birth”—you plan, nurture and develop it over time and then it is born.

On second thought, maybe it’s  not quite like having a baby—but like a “mini-baby”—a creative baby.

Now, here’s a notion, how about a shower to celebrate my new “babies”?  I do need some new shoes and other assorted things…

Wonder how that would play out?



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