I always get into the groove setting up the house for Fall. I love emptying out the ferns and getting huge mums in the pots, and trying to “warm” up my outdoor spaces. I am typically not a wreath kinda gal; unless, of course they are simple and unfettered.

Please, nothing with felt mini-scarecrows or pumpkin-people attached to it. No corn, please, or any other hokey materials like turkeys or bats. My favorites, it appears, are the ones made of all one material, or very few—and beautiful in their simplicity. I could not make a wreath if my life depended on it, so I can’t tell you where to buy one of these, but I can give you some of my personal visual inspiration. I’m going straight to Etsy…

1. Little Things Bring Smiles 2. Little Things Bring Smiles 3. Pinterest 4.Etsy 5. Blue Sky Confections 6. Pinterest

Update… My DIY ends here. 2 green pumpkins atop a bed of variegated vinca….

11 thoughts on “THE CIRCLE DANCE

  1. Beth

    Too bad this is the soupiest September! My flowers are still blooming!! And I am with you, love the look of all these DIY projects, but I am headed to Etsy as well…

  2. Kristen

    Unfettered is key. We got our PB catalog last week, I couldn’t believe how much clutter and junk was on the cover for fall decorations. I am noticing this a lot with the big home outfitters. Why is that so?

  3. Lauren

    I love wreathes. So hard to find a good one, maybe I will turn to Etsy as well. I am NOT a do-it-yourself-er. I find myself drawn to natural wreathes, made up of materials local to New England. Bittersweet is my go-to!

  4. Janine

    I am the self admitted queen of hokey. I’ve got cob webs on the shrubs, purple flashing lights on the railings and corn stalks on my front lampost. Isn’t Halloween the only holiday I’m allowed to be cheesy??

    You have got me rethinking my fall decor. I will have to wait until next year to go with the ‘unfettered’ look…


  5. lillian

    he he, i have to second Janine. my kids have totally thwarted any possibility of having any unfettered holiday decor. It’s nice to dream though.

  6. Darcy

    What fun inspiration! We are still in the triple digits here in Austin, but it’s nice to dream of a new england autumn.

  7. katie rosenfeld

    These are all such great comments. Yes, my kids would like me to have moaning groaning monsters on the lawn with tombstones and blood and gore.

    I have done the cobweb thing (what a mess!) and I DO use one or two prop-like items; this year my oversized spider may make an appearance on my porch…

    But you will never see me with a wreath with felt scarecrows on it…

  8. Lia

    Love the green cinderella pumpkins. They are just enough whimsy without being tacky… I’ve never seen the vinca before.. Great idea. That’s about all of the DIY i can handle as well..:) :)

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