From a new series on spring color stories. Continued from yesterday.

This room I am envisioning as a possible Master Bedroom Concept. I love the unusual plumbish purple of the floral, and it lends itself well to bringing in other varying shades of purple, cream, even warmer red-orange-pinks. This would be all in a creamy wall space with some sort of textural floor covering, but not with a huge amount of pattern. I like the way this is both soft, sophisticated, classic with a tiny bit of a fun edge. Thoughts?


  1. libby

    You have me on a purple kick. After yesterdays color swatches I resurrected a couple purple gourd lamps from the basement.

  2. Elizabeth

    i know it wouldn’t make sense for you to divulge ur sources, but i am dying to know who makes that purple hot-house esque fabric…

  3. Casey

    Is this going to be a whole house of color stories?? I recently finished design school and have only worked a few small commercial projects but I love your use of color, it has been my inspiration for all of my projects~!!. Any advice for a gal just starting out? How to move into a residential circuit?

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