This is a game. Or a quiz… You all know I was in Tampa. But where are these pictures from?

A. A cute newly renovated hotel
B. A friend’s new condo
C. Somewhere else; unexpected…

Where do you think I am??! I know you are all chomping at the bit to know about my whereabouts… Even I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I stepped inside my 99 year old Grandma’s newly renovated Assisted Living Facility!!!!

Arteriors lamps and accessories: check! Crystal flocked sconces and mod chandelier: check! Turquoise geometric (rather hip) carpet: check! Valet parking, water views and lush landscaping: check! Grandma’s newly renovated home is hipper and more nicely accessorized than I could ever imagine.

Even my Mom encouraged me to blog about this as she showed us around the common areas. This space lends itself to an upbeat mood for residents and guests. Genius.

7 thoughts on “WHERE AM I?

  1. sandy turkel

    I cannot believe that you could make the Grand Court look so glamorous in pictures. Am I right?
    Aunt Sandy

  2. Lindsey

    Who knew!? She must be in a very nice place, my Grandmother is in a facility that looks nothing like this…

  3. Amelia Suarez

    Too funny! Only your grandmother would be in a home with Arteriors lamps! Was your nana a big designer in her day?

  4. Julie

    Isn’t that wonderful? How great that someone took the time to make an assisted living space so upbeat and cheerful. This post reminded me of the segment you did on school interiors and how important it is that one’s environment is inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  5. katie rosenfeld

    Let me tell you, seeing my grandma is something I go home especially to do…
    Her previous residence was, well, uh, not-as-nice. The renovation did a lot for the mood there and certainly for us guests’ enjoyment!

  6. katie rosenfeld

    Puhlease! Grandma Rose disn’t and still doesn’t know how to boil water, much less do anything around the house. She was a pampered lady; the kind that doesn’t really exist in today’s world. A sweet and hilarious lady as well.

  7. Kristie Fitzgerald

    My sister did all the design work and installation for this assisted living residence. And she stongly believes that your environment should be inspiring, no matter your age! It sure looks like she accomplished her vision for elevating the living spaces of the residents.

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