About :: Working Together

Working with an interior designer is a true collaboration on all levels. Not only is the experience fun and exciting, but it can be intensely personal; after all, what could be more intimate than inviting someone into your home to see how you and your family live? My hope is that, beyond admiring my work and desiring spaces that “look” a certain way, you will have a blast getting to know me, working together and becoming “partners” in a very fun adventure.

The design process, while somewhat formulaic in its steps, is flexible. This is because I believe that each client has a different way of looking at things, and a different way of processing visual information. Sure, I measure and draw room plans, and put together visual mood boards, but I go to great lengths to try to translate information into a form that resonates with each client and helps them feel engaged and educated in the process. Whether that means sitting on the floor and going through fabric groupings together or revising a mood board three times —I do whatever it takes to help clients understand what they are “getting” and to make sure they are vested in the outcome.

I do all the work personally – never relying on associates to implement the design process. Timetables are set by the client and I do my best to stay on time and on budget. The process should be fun and exciting. I approach each project with the goal of getting to know you and your home and discovering it’s own unique personality.

About :: Katie

Known for her no-holds-barred approach to color and pattern, Katie Rosenfeld’s design style can be summed up as happy, family friendly and approachable. Equal parts vintage and modern, classic and contemporary, Katie’s picks range from fresh traditional to 20th century vintage with bits of quirky and ironic added for good measure. And let’s not forget Katie’s almost always present nod to chinoiserie.

Common threads that run through Katie’s projects include a sense of humor, layers of pattern, and items mixed together to create a bespoke and special space. For Katie, your spaces should be comfortable, safe and continually interesting to look at… but flexible enough to meet the demands of family life and the changes that come with a life well lived.

Katie credits her evolving design style to growing up in Florida, her stylish (and slightly crazy) mother, and experiences living and working all over the country, but most of all, Katie’s style has developed over time as a wife, mother of two daughters and a poodle – who actually lives in the kind of home she designs for others.

About :: Caroline Kofol

Caroline joined Katie 5 years ago, having absolutely no experience in interior design, but she had an impressive pedigree, (Caroline swam at Princeton..), there was an innate gut instinct Katie had that she was the perfect fit, and Katie thought she looked chic, so that was that.

In all seriousness, Caroline plays many roles at KRD: Project Manager, Client Relations, Vendor Relations (believe me the vendors have never been happier), Junior Designer, and Chief of Staff.
Neurotically organized and unwittingly committed, Caroline brings her heart and soul to everything she does at KRD and it shows. Clients sometimes bypass Katie altogether to deal with Caroline, and recently, mail has begun to arrive addressed to her rather than Katie… go figure.

About :: Team KRD

Meghan Carney has a background in fashion and design and made her way to KRD by way of Ann Sacks. She brings enthusiasm, humor and repeated use of the word “eew” to each day.

Kaili Weaver joined the KRD team after working at Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design. She specializes in both interior architecture and being unnaturally and almost unbelievably, yet genuinely nice to everyone she meets.

These ladies are the yin to the KRD yang. Never in history has a design firm been so chock full of dedicated, talented and special personalities, and Katie feels hashtag blessed every day to call these ladies her second family.