Collector’s Items

Wellesley, Massachusetts | Photography Michael J. Lee

This Wellesley, MA house is home to a family of four, and last I counted, four pets! The client moved from another MA town with not one piece of furniture, object or item — we literally collected everything from scratch—an ambitious endeavor at best, because we only had a year to do it.

The goal was to develop a design concept that felt comfortable, homey and lived in, as if they had been there for years — really to form collections where we had none, but to make them look, feel and actually become authentic. In doing this, the client was fully engaged, developed interests in certain design elements like Asian blue and white pottery, art of all kinds and vintage objects that reflected the overall feeling of the house we were creating.

We spent a lot of time together; me helping my client learn what she liked, what she wanted to start collecting, curating objects and art, and then, she went for it big time. What resulted is a home that feels like the family has lived there forever, and hopefully, they will! The good news is that now she has things to build on, to take with her and to cherish.