No. 1

The scope of our project included our entryways, living room, dining room, “TV room,” office, partial kitchen, and master bedroom.

We would highly and whole-heartedly recommend Katie to anyone looking for a smart, witty, attentive, and creative designer for a project. Katie quickly becomes inspired by your space, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She has great awareness – bordering on prescience – and can tell even before you can if you do or don’t love something. She is very flexible and draws inspiration from endless points of reference in design – this also allows for creativity and elegance within whatever your budget may be. You can see from her portfolio that she designs for a variety of spaces and tastes. We are thrilled that for our project she has woven some modern elements into a somewhat traditional space. We also have kind of a difficult layout that she has helped to unify with the design.

Furthermore, the overall look she has achieved is layered, a far cry from the “page-out-of-a-catalog” look that we were desperately trying to avoid, and yet very “live-able.” We never felt pressured to commit to something out of our budget and, by keeping an open mind, we now have a new appreciation for the value of certain pieces. Katie is a master with color and fabric choices, and helps you understand where to allocate your resources with these decisions. Katie also knows everything and everyone (seriously!) and served as a great resource for everything from finding a handyman to investing in fine art. My husband and I joke that we now ask ourselves “what would Katie think/do in this situation,” irrespective of whether it has anything to do with design, because we value so highly her opinion and taste level. We quickly doubled the scope of our project once our rooms started to be transformed, and would hire her again in a second if the opportunity presents itself. We could not possibly recommend her more highly. She’s a star!

– SO from Wellesley, Massachusetts

No. 2

Having just relocated to the Boston area from a coastal home in NJ, we were eager to add our own custom touch and personality to a very special century-old New England property.

With help from Katie, we furnished and decorated the entire house, renovated the master suite, and revamped 3 terraces into an inviting outdoor retreat, all without losing the home’s original charm.

I learned about Katie as I was creating idea boards on Houzz for our upcoming relocation. I fell in love with every photo in Katie’s’ portfolio and instantly knew I had found my perfect decorator. Having lived in Asia for many years, we collected or inherited an eclectic mix of antiques, art and decorative objects, and we needed someone who could skillfully edit, and integrate our existing pieces with new furnishings, carpets, lighting and window treatments. We wanted to give the house a fresh, colorful, updated, and comfortable vibe for our family.
From the moment I met Katie she exuded creativity, high energy, humor, and warmth. I instantly liked her.

She asked a lot of questions to quickly understand our lifestyle, personality, project goals, and decorating taste. Within days, she had pulled together color combinations of fabric, and idea boards on Pinterest that reflected our conversation.

Katie is an excellent communicator, fully transparent, respectful, honest, and candid. She does not waste words, time, or money. She is a creative whirling dervish, with a photographic memory, generating creative ideas, faster than the speed of light!

Katie has a sixth sense for color, shape, and style and an expert eye for effortlessly blending high & low, vintage & modern, practical & whimsical, antique & new. She is a “mix-master” and makes it look easy and effortless.

Working together is a highly interactive process. At any time of day, images would be pinned to my electronic design boards, or calls and emails would arrive with ideas to review and consider. Client meetings and day trips to the Boston Design Center were high-speed, highly efficient NASA missions. Most importantly, she worked smoothly and professionally with our architect, contractor, and all tradesmen.

Katie is a highly gifted designer. She understood our preferences, personalities and lifestyle, and brought tremendous positive energy, warmth, and enthusiasm to our project. The entire process was a great collaboration that exceeded my expectations: inspiring, fun, and educational. I wish it did not have to end!

I truly LOVE my house. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work so closely with Katie and I am extremely proud to have her signature design style throughout our home.and end up with something much more expensive that you don’t really like. Katie aims to please and will work diligently to make your home a haven.

– AL from Wellesley, Massachusetts

No. 3

Katie Rosenfeld is my decorating soul mate! I found her online in September 2011.

At the time, I had just finished a small bathroom renovation with a local designer. It was not a positive experience. We were about to begin a major renovation/addition to our house in Atlanta and I had been interviewing local designers with no luck. I just felt that no one really “got” the look that I was going for. Then I found Katie. One look at her website and I knew instantly that she could create the look I wanted. I e-mailed her to inquire about the possibility of a long distance project and she responded immediately.

We quickly set out to determine my budget and discuss my design needs, what furniture/art did we want to repurpose and what did we want to replace. Then came a slew of e-mails and “pins” on Pinterest with furniture options, lighting, art, accessories, etc. I sent her the drawings from our architect and we discussed floor plans and how each room would be utilized. I need furnishings that are dog friendly and will also stand up to lots of entertaining and the inevitable spilled glass of red wine. Katie is constantly mindful of how we are going to live in the house. She has never recommended a piece of furniture or textile that does not suit our lifestyle.

Luckily, I was able to make two trips to Boston so that we could work together in person. Katie has a tremendous talent for discerning her client’s taste and personal aesthetic. The textiles that she showed me on my first trip to Boston were spot on. In just two days we selected the majority of the furniture and textiles for the living room, dining room, family room, office and kitchen.

During my second trip to Boston, Katie helped me select lighting for the entire house, sinks and plumbing fixtures, bathroom tile, kitchen tile, the list is endless. Our construction project is massive and will not be done until early 2013. There is no way I could have managed this project without Katie as a constant resource. Her expertise from her own home renovations has been invaluable.

I was a tad apprehensive about working with a designer long distance, but my experience has been extremely positive. Katie is incredibly organized and detailed in her work. We communicate via e-mail and phone regularly and with the internet and the advent of Pinterest, the entire process has been effortless.

I probably could have hired a local designer and been happy with the results. But the work that Katie has done is simply fabulous. I love everything we have selected thus far and I know I will love the house once the project is complete. Plus, I’m quite certain that if I had gone with anyone other than Katie, I wouldn’t be having nearly as much fun.

– KN from Wellesley, Massachusetts